Jabberwocky for 2001 December 7 (entry 1)

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: Today I more or less finished "cleaning" more or less the garage and storage room more or less. It was a two day project that left me filthy. I have a very very big pile of yard sale stuff, but didn't make it to Rosalie's yard sale with it today.

My car is still stuffed full of white poinsettias and tulle from Erika Orr's wedding.

Also today I made three huge pans of make-ahead mashed potato recipe and put them in the freezer. This will feed 75 people. The potato bag said the bag would make 225 servings, and that is WITHOUT all the Make Ahead super secret ingredients (mostly fattening) that I added. Bleah. So, in the morning, off to Smart and Final to buy two more bags of potato flakes and more sour cream.


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