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: Here are my answers to the questionnaire for the Iron Rod Group:

1. What's on your wish list for Christmas? I've been eyeing an enormous antique chemical beaker engraved with a crest design and "Paris". A Very Large Box has appeared, which I have been told not to shake, so I'm hopeful.

2. What Christmas goodies are a must in your household? Swedish Pepparkokkar (Don't know if I spelled it right!)

3. What is your traditional Christmas dinner? We always go to my inlaws, whose idea of a good time is a deli tray from Costco. Bleah. By the time that ordeal is over, I don't have what it takes to make any real food. Usually we just pick at whatever and play board games.

4. What makes a good Christmas card? Lots of news from the people I love.

5. Are you ready for Christmas? No. I was in charge of the Christmas party at church and made dinner for 300, then the very next morning I had to take in a stray girl and we haven't even gotten a tree yet. Things are really hectic around here. This girl is a more or less permanent arrangement, so we are having to do some serious shuffling around.

6. Who gets to be Santa at your house? Whaddya mean? Isn't it the real Santa who comes?


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