Jabberwocky for 2001 December 23 (entry 0)

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: My family and I went to see The Fellowship of the Ring last night, and we didn't have a single complaint about the movie adaptation. We thought it was just great. The backdrops were just as I had imagined them in my head, or even more so. The casting was excellent. The girls, of course, were panting over Legolas, and I can't WAIT to see the actor who plays Aragorn crowned in his majesty in 2003. (Ok, I'll stop drooling on the keyboard now....)

We had a really "circular" discussion about what happens next because Sumana hasn't read the trilogy and Leonard forbade us to spoil it for her, and Rachel was pretty frustrated because she can't remember the ending-- she was too young when we read it aloud, LOL. I overheard one man at the ending saying "That's cold, man, that's a dirty trick!" I guess he'll have to come back next year, tee hee.

I've spent the last two days in the kitchen, and the house is all decorated.

The reason I've posted nothing recently (well, one of the reasons) is that Gretel got hit by a car. It was just awful. The girls were walking her and the leash broke and she ran into the street. She has a couple of cracked ribs and a concussion, and right now it's hard to breath because of the injury to her nose, but she's going to be OK. I hope she learned to stay with Mommy. /p/ We did the rushing to the vet thing, running red lights, everyone covered with blood, girls sobbing. Not fun, not fun. I'm really, really worried about how I'll pay the bill.

When something like that happens, you really appreciate the small, normal things.


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