Jabberwocky for 2001 July 7 (entry 0)

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: Rachel and I went to a thrift store looking for an entry hall table and came out with some Princess House crystal. We got duplicates of much of what I already have, so my daughters won't have anything to fight over when I die. Besides washing crystal and finding places to put it, I got almost nothing done today except changing fish water and watering a few plants. Oh, and I hung the brackets and shelves in the vaccum cleaner closet and the display cupboard in Rachel's room. Most of the day I spent working on graphics for the church newsletter.

The brugmansias I bought in Davis when Rosalie and I went to her family reunion aren't doing so well. The weather's been too hot. Also, the lagerstromia and the acer negundo I planted on the back patio are looking wilted. As are the Sally Holmes roses. I hate this. I wish we'd finish installing the patio covers and I could clean up the yard,install the sprinkler systems, and have something besides dirt for landscaping.

Reuben must have spent all of a whole hour today working on the concrete. The whole exterior plan is agonizingly slow of accomplishment, due to the heat and to me having to hire it done because I'm not strong enough to do it myself anymore. I complained to the contractor about it. At least he listened politely.

Amanda took me to lunch at Fresh Choice to celebrate receiving her first paycheck from the veterinary hospital. The salad for July is a fairly bizarre concoction of mesclun, cranberries, water chestnuts and mandarin oranges in a raspberry vinaigrette. Come again? Who thinks up these ideas?


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