Jabberwocky for 2001 August 14 (entry 0)

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: I've been in Utah for a reunion of my great-grandfather's descendants. The shindig was put on by descendants of Uncle David, and was quite heavy on displaying their talents. Susie criticized me for taking so many pictures of the "talent." Next year, Justin and I are going to be in charge in California. I hope it's as much fun as the last beach bash Justin put on, oh, maybe six years ago. Susanna and I drove up to Bear Lake after her Friday class and camped at Bear Lake with Jonathan and his girls. At the KOA. Right by the highway, and I didn't sleep well. I was trying very hard not to be cranky because we got thoroughly lost trying to find the park where the dinner was and I didn't eat until about 8:30 p.m, and the whole thing messed up my medication schedule. However, Ray Oman sang the dead skunk song, accompanied on his accordian, and that was worth something. I felt better after sleeping in some and taking a hot shower. Breakfast was sweetrolls and canteloupe. There went the blood sugar. Sharon and I ditched the midday trip to the lake and went antiquing through Idaho. We found one hospital auxiliary store in Montpelier where they were having a bag sale-- everything you could stuff in a bag for $5-- so we cleaned up. I also got a counted cross-stitch sampler that says "Dull women have immaculate houses" for $.20. I re-donated the picture frame it was in. I would like to have an immaculate house, but not at the price of being a dull woman.

Back in Provo, it began to dawn upon me that nobody was going to take care of Susanna when she gets her teeth out if I didn't stay. Aly had gone off to Canada to Dave's family; she was my only reliable possibility. Therefore, I changed my ticket for Friday, and I've been mostly following S. around. They had cleaning checks scheduled for today, so I cleaned a bathroom and helped S. clean the stove. Nobody ever taught any of these girls how to clean. My mother would have been appalled. I actually had to clean out the toilet with my pocket knife. The brush I bought at the Orem WalMart did nothing for the buildup. (Note to self: Bleach knife. Run through dishwasher when I get home.) I tried to teach one of Susie's roommates how to get the soap scum off the tub and shower. It was so thick I had them scraping it with a pancake turner. I gave up and went to bed about midnight, leaving them scraping. This morning the girl hadn't even done an adequate job on the washbasin. S. had scraped a lot of scale out of the tub, but she has even not reached the Lower Devonian. I think I'll clean that bathroom tomorrow after her surgery and buy them some of that continuous clean spray stuff. The mystery is, who will use it if I buy it?


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