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: Up at dawn to go to the airport. When I got there, I found the incompetent airline reservation agent had booked me for YESTERDAY! Bother. Fortunately for me, a woman had forgotten her relative's baby shower and wanted to change her ticket, so I got her place into Las Vegas; then it was easy to catch a flight to Los Angeles. Came home, greeted pets, took a nap, finished "The Clan of the Cave Bear" (OK, I know it's about 20 years old, but I've only read one of the series -- I don't read much fiction.) I made split pea soup and some white bread and put the sourdough out to do its thing so I can make some sourdough bowls to serve the soup in tomorrow or Sunday. R. and I took Gretel for about a two mile walk. Paid bills. Made a bingo in netscrabble with the word "baddies". Figure that one out. I think I'll eat some freshly baked bread and go to bed. The white Angel's Trumpet is blooming-- or trying to at any rate. Rachel did not give adequate water while I was gone. Not her fault; I suppose I should have demonstrated just how much plants need in this zillion degree weather. I'm worried about the windmill palm.

: Jellybean won't let me out of her sight.


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