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: Sigh. I spent ALL DAY yesterday working on the ward calendar. I think I finally have the thing whipped into some shape where it won't take me so long every week. Between that and cooking -- I've been cooking!-- I only got two scrapbook pages done. I'm in the middle of last Christmas. Last night I made a Star Bright page and a Sydney's First Christmas page. Wesley died inexpliciably while we were at church, so when Gretel and I go to PetsMart today to get her a new 50 lb. bag of dog food, we need to also get a new betta. I think I'm going to hold off on new fish for the pond until I get the tree trimed further and the filters cleaned. Quasimodo is happy in there alone and he is sharking around. I need to also resove the aborted attempt to surround the pond with the occasional planter brick because Gretel just digs them up. Mousetraps? Note to self: Ask Jill Langley to give me some algae snails. Off to the bank and the grocery store.


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