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: Debbie Cantrell, my former office mate from when I worked at the college before talked me into playing in the college band with her, so I borrowed a sax from Tom Jackman, who didn't take it off to BYU with him. I brought it home and played a few scales last night while Gretel howled. Amazingly enough, I remembered how to play the thing, but boy do I get winded quickly, and my whole lower face is s-o-r-e. Faculty get to take classes free, so there are a few of us. We meet from 9:00 to noon on Saturday mornings, plus football games. Last Saturday was audition time and this morning was the first rehearsal. We had the time of our lives mixing with the students and being kids again. The college is providing our uniform, except for black shoes. I have the good fortune to sit next to a girl I had as a student at EBHS last year-- it was fun to see her again, but she sure plays a lot better than I do. After rehearsal, I went to the music store and exchanged the beginner book I had bought for Book III and bought a new ligature and some softer reeds. I also ordered a stand (like the ones they use for jazz bands) so I can leave the instrument sitting out in the living room. I think I'll be more likely to pick it up and practice that way. Fun fun fun! I told the band director -- he's the guy who asked me NOT to audition for HAIR several years back-- about my euphonium from the neighbor's yard sale. He would like me to learn to play it, but I don't know. a) It's all I can do to blow that sax. b) It would probably cost a pretty penny to get it overhauled, and c) I looked through euphonium books at the music store and apparently this one is so old it's entirely different from what they use today. The newer ones have four valves, like a tuba, while mine has only three. One of which is stuck. Therefore, I suppose the fingerings are entirely different, and I've never played a brass instrument anyhow. Old dog, new tricks, you know. I hope to be back up to being good enough for the symphonic wind ensemble by Christmas concert time.


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