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: Sigh. I took Rachel off to college yesterday and moved her into her dowm. Listened to Les Mis on the way home. CD #1 has a scratch, and I barely bought it six months ago. The real bummer of the day, however, was the telephone call from Susanna that was waiting on the answering machine. Jamie Manty, from our old ward, is dead of a brain aneurysm. She was only 19 years old, and a lovely and intelligent young lady. I just talked to her and her mom, Judy, at a baptism a couple of weeks ago. I talked to David Rasmussen and Mary Sue Ellsworth about it. Nobody knows when the funeral will be yet. Today I bought a sympathy card and when I got to the car it wasn't in my bag. I retraced my steps and found it on the floor of Albertsons sans envelope. The bagboy offered to go get me another envelope, but he was sick and sniffling, so I told him just stay there and I would get one myself. Then when I got home I dropped the card in the gutter. I also got a call from Bob at American Car Specialty. It seems Rachel's car is overheating because someone tried to patch up a leak with stopleak stuff and the stuff is clotting up the whole cooling system and it could be a very, very big repair. I got a letter from AAA saying we've used up our alottment of service calls for the year. What else can go wrong? I think I need some chocolate.


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