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: Today I spent the entire day paying bills and so on. We are broke, broke, broke. (a feeling I really, really, really hate.)

: I just scored 74 points playing the word "poisons" in Scrabble. Appropriate, since I've been spraying weed killer in the yard today, and I'm planning to go to bed with the Surflan instructional brochure for a bedtime story.

Last night I had a dream that Lynette Smith called me with a recipe for a dessert that used ground up pecan sandies instead of graham cracker crumbs in the crust. I think that could work, and I intend to try it some day. The rest of the dessert involved strawberries, strawberry Jello, Knox gelatin, and whipping cream. I really do think this could work. Of course, when I woke up, what she was really calling me about was to tell me that I made a mistake in Josh's address in the church bulletin. I accidentally put his Macao post office box with the Hong Kong office street address. Wonder where the letters will go.

Today I planted a tree wisteria in the not-so-Japanese garden, and all by myself I moved the huge pot where the flowering crabapple used to live. I am just about ready to do the ground cover in there. I hosed off the deck with the intention of setting the papasan chair out there, but the deck needs more than just hosing.


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