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: I am happily ensconced in Houston at the home of my friend Nancy Schile. Today we went to a Shangri-La called Hobby Lobby, where I bought a 16 bunches of fake poinsettias for 40 cents each, some strings of Christmas lights for a dime each, and sundry sundries. We bought a penguin for Leonard. I also got a plastic "rock" that says "If you have time to read this, you have time to pull weeds."

I wish to go on record that I hate fake flowers and would never buy them, except that I assume I'll be in charge of the church Christmas party again and the concept of a centerpiece for less than a dollar sounds mighty attractive. I promise to have no part of them in my home.

Actually I do have some fake chyrsanthemums in my kitchen, but they were given to me as a going away present by fellow teachers at EBHS, and their hearts were in the right place after all, so what can ya do?

My big purchase was a counted cross-stitch pattern of Arthur and Guienevere, which is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. We are now going to ignore the fact that I have nobody to hornswoggle into stitching it for me and there is no way I could embroider it for myself, having neither patience nor eyesight nor inclination thereto. It cost $7.50 for just the chart and instructions, no floss or cloth or anything of that nature included. Oh, but it would make a beautiful stitchery.

Ha. How long have I been [intending to knit] that Irish Fisherman afghan?


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