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: It never snows but it flakes. (What it did yesterday.) Here in Bako I was on my way to work this morning and slammed into a six car pileup. I really do believe airbags are filled with some kind of deadly poison which will put us all six feet under before our time. Koff koff. And my head hurtz and my back and shoulders and most of all my throat feels like I swallowed lysol.

I showed up at Precision Collision and told them I was their best customer and were they happy to see me? Nope, they are trained to be sympathetic to see me. Ann Orr came and rescued me from there and I think I might go to bed with some Advil instead of working on the church newsletter. In the meantime, what to do about wheels, since Rachel's car isn't even started yet. John Fleming (Precision Collision owner) said they are still waiting on parts they ordered. He also said airbag stuff is considered hazmat.

A previous quote from John Fleming: "It's all junk on the way to the junkyard, it's just a matter of when it will get there."


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