Jabberwocky for 2002 July 3 (entry 0)

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: Yesterday. Larry's funeral. What can I say.

Had a nice visit with Linda Leary and two of my ex-sisters-in-law. I do think it indicative of a sweet natured man when all his exwives can come to his funeral and cry just as hard as his wife.

Leonard and I went out to the ranch afterwards and ate funeral meats, catered by the original Jacalito's in Lamont, (muy sabroso) and saw Brian and Tina's new baby, little Sam. We left earlyish, not having much to contribute to the conversation, which centered around the farming of stone fruit.

I grilled chicken legs for our dinner so I could see how long and how much [etc] for when I grill them for Leonard's birthday party. I immediately lost my dinner, barely making it to the kitchen sink, and most embarassing of all, the Thiessens called while I was throwing up to see how their cat is doing. Leonard answered the phone and told them she is fine. Actually, I believe she is lonely for her mom and dad.

Late afternoon, received a visit from Cindy Ellsworth and Jonell Amundsen.

I hardly slept at all last night, due to the ambient temperature (despite air conditioning). I spent a lot of the night reading British poetry, William Wordsworth through T.S. Eliot, and enjoyed and understood it a lot more than I did in college.


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