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: Hold yer hat against yer chest. Dillydilly was dead in the water this morning. He was fine yesterday. How does one know when a fish is fine, anyhow? One does not, but he swam okay.

On to the syllabi.

: I finished redoing my ACDV 68 worksheets, took a worm sample to the vet, visited the Creative Memories lady, ran around for Rachel's eurail pass, went to grocery store to buy nasty things to make food for Jellybean. Bought ranch dip and dramamine for Rachel. Whew.

for supper I made a smoothie out of fresh peach and banana, frozen raspberry and vanilla soymilk. Wish the day were over, but I have liver and fish cooking for Jellyfood. Also the spectre of ACDV 50 hanging over my head.

Tomorrow, I am determined to finish syllabi and get that rotten box off to Rachel.

Vet has not called back.


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