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: Alyson, Atticus, Kevin Smith and I drove to Utah without incident, except for the pouring rain that greeted us as we entered Utah Valley. I spent the night at Susanna's apartment and then off to Salt Lake City in the morning, where we went to the family history library. I located a book of Oregon Trail gravesites, hoping to find some insight into the parentage of Cora May Fee (one of Uncle Carl's ancestors, who was found as an orphaned toddler on the trail.) No luck. The book was really sad.

We went to some JD Call reunion activities, including seeing the house at 1902 South Fourth East that great grandpa Call acquired as partial payment of a legal fee.

At the potluck David Oman entertained us with some WAC Bryan history and then I told the story of Maranda Cazier Bryan and her cat, which set off a rash of cat stories, so then I told the one about how Aunt Margaret saved Char.

: Jonathan and I went to Home Depot and bought mouldings for my fireplace mantel. Hooray! It's going to be just beautiful.


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