Jabberwocky for 2002 August

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: I pulled weeds and sprayed Roundup in the yard until I was exhausted and then realized I was doomed, so I put in a call to Jesse Alvarez. I worked on Uncle Carl's genealogy, and started to read An Old-Fashioned Girl by Lousyia May Apricot, which book I was only familiar with from the Authors card game of childhood fame. It kind of bites, very preachy and nineteenth century.

: Seen on a commercial van: The Solar Energy Company. "Powered by the sun." Duh0h.

: I suppose I should look up somewhere how long it was between the time Alcott wrote Part One of An Old Fashioned Girl and Part Two. (It's obvious from the preface she added to the book.) Part Two has decidedly "bluestocking" overtones.

: I've recently begun to notice smells in dreams (good ones!) perfumes, flowers, food, etc. How strange is that? Had a dream last night in which I was buying a huge Mary Kay compact full of gorgeous colors (wouldn't be the first time that has happened!) and also a bunch of richly woven, colorful, and highly textured scarves. I suppose it all means I wish my house were clean!

: I cleaned the house, hired a gardener, painted some of the mantle, and received a visit from Denise Mahaney, who is a member of my list in Las Vegas. Also, I worked on Robert and Sandi's scrapbook and the agenda for Ward Activities Committee.

: New family member--Xochitl. I will write more later, but I want Susie to be surprised.

I cleaned out the fishpond and fell flat on my face in it-- that algae covered liner is SLIPPERY! I also repotted the Egyptian papyrus and the cattails-- divided the cattails in fact. I made a Mediterranean style fountain by drilling a terra cotta pot and hooking it up to the filter. They were selling fountains I liked at Home Depot for $96 and I thought I could do better myself using a cheap pot.

I also pulled lots of weeds and hope it isn't futile.

: I spent two solid nights half awake craving a Big Mac (of all things!), so Doris Jackman and I went to Mickey D's for lunch and I got a #1 meal with a Coke float. I ate all the Big Mac; Dr. Amin would have been proud of me!

The Jackmans have a new socially responsible car that is a gasoline/electric hybrid Honda. It's really spooky because you can't hear the engine-- no big bad roar from the carburator at all.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on Robert's scrapbook. Finally!

: My anniversary.

: Today was an extremely productive day. I got up early to let the washing machine repair guy in. Then Tyson Smith came over and we got the painting done. Westin Byington came to help pull weeds and I paid him by making cookies and mending his suit pants. Then, while I had the machine threaded with dark thread, I mended Rachel's jeans. After that I switched to white thread and mended my sheet.

Once the washer repairman left I started doing the laundry backup. It's 8 p.m. and I am still not finished with that.

: I've been having a very nice visit with Joseph Walch (My newphew, not his grandpa). We went to see Men In Black II, out to eat a couple of times, and he helped Westin Byington with the weeds in the back yard. The weeds are still a disaster. Susie came home yesterday and decided to go to Texas with Joseph, so I'm alone again. Lots of stuff to do though.

I found a Phillip Pullman novel I hadn't read on Rachel's bookshelf. The Broken Bridge. It doesn't look like she has read it either.

I gave Xochitl some catnip and got a kick out of seeing her say yes to drugs.

: Same old same old. Pulling weeds. Doing genealogy. Trying to recover from the summer before fall bowls me over. I have to leave in about fifteen minutes to take care of the Second Ward Splash. The missionaries have promised (threatened, actually) to get me really wet.

: Xochitl = little kitty = big troublemaker.

Yesterday the Poulsons drove up to see me. I fed them barbecue chicken pita sandwiches and we played Scrabble. {I won}. LOP has agreed to speak at my funeral.

I've had a man here helping with the weeds; the yard is starting to look better.

: Meija Tiersma is here weedwhacking.

I had to buy a new printer and can't get it to work now. Gaaaaaah! Also, I don't know where the little kitty is hiding.

Oh, there it is.

Jabberwocky for 2002 August

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