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: Today as I was walking in from the parking lotsome MECHA students gave me a flier for a student-led walkout in commemoration of September 16 and against the administration of this institution. I announced to my class that they would not be penalized if they chose to attend the walkout instead of class. All but three of them left.

Before Ernie Flores left, we had a discussion about the way George Bush is pre-empting congress's right to declare war. Wally Salinas noted that if Bush wants to go to war, let him go, just don't send the rest of us. The thought of Wally Salinas going to fight in Iraq really distresses me.

Lila Stevenson and I had a debate about whether the President of this college is evil or just plain dumb, and, if so [choose one of the above] which one is worse and causes more damage. We concluded that stupidity is worse than evil.

: It's officially the end of summer. Today I planted lettuce and cauliflower and a six pack of violas. Also jerryrigged a mend for the garden hose. I wish my yard weren't such a mess.


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