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: Today, 21 years ago, I became the mother of a little girl. This was a really exciting event for me. "Leonard has a sister!" the doctor said. Unfortunately I didn't get to hold her right away because she had to be whisked off to ICU in an incubator (among other unfortunate occurrances in that hospital)but eventually I had a big enough fit and they brought her to me. They also forgot to (a) clean me up and (b) feed me, so when I had Rachel I went to a different hospital.

I planted blue fescue in the pots for centerpieces at the Fall Chili Cookoff. And sewed. And tried to do some work. Missing a dll in the gradebook program.

: I booked and purchased plane tickets for Leonard and me to visit London. What an ordeal, involving typing in everything from my mother's maiden name to phone and credit card numbers. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to get tickets; the plane was getting full. Also I forgot to pick seats for the return trip and can't figure out how to do it now I signed out. Guess we'll sit where they want us to.


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