Jabberwocky for 2002 January 15 (entry 0)

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: This bites. I told the college I would work full time Spring Semesater. They gave me an 8 a.m. class and a 1 p.m. class. On Friday. School started Monday. I stayed up way past midnight ever since preparing for the classes. Now I find out (NOT from the person who was supposed to have told me on Monday) that they are cancelling the 1 p.m. and I have to prepare for a completely different one at 11 a.m. I expected to teach 3 or 4 classes; instead I'm wandering around the computer lab. A job nobody wanted.

Oh well it's money.

Then I got the locks changed. It cost $50 to replace the lock that got drilled. (long story.) I paid the locksmith for ten extra keys and promptly lost the whole wad of them somewhere over about a mile away.

I left Gretel in boarding school to get trained, jahwohl. I have to catch the airport bus at 5:30 tomorrow morning.


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