Jabberwocky for 2002 January 29 (entry 0)

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: Let's see... What went on while Crummy was down? I visited Gretel at the dog obedience school. She is doing wonderfully but we miss each other terribly. I hate not coming home to her. I planted a Rose of Sharon and a weeping pussy willow, four blueberries, and all the odd stuff that I didn't have planted yet, including the Shasta daisy seeds from Pat and Alan's anniversary party. I put in the block sidewalk. I am slowly getting a handle on this job at the college. I gave up on Saturday and washed my car and watered the yard, so it rained. Naturally. The temperature has dropped to a three year low, and the dog obedience guy said it was snowing out there this afternoon. Bleah. I am thinking serious thoughts about the down comforter Leonardw gave me for Christmas. I have such a wonderful brother. Annnnndddd... It's paired with the flannel sheets Leonardr gave me last Christmas. I have such a wonderful son. I'll climb into the flannel pajamas I sewed myself and curl up with Jellybean. But first, I have to make some more worksheets.


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