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: The garage sale has been survived. I took in $125 plus a plastic bag full of change that I haven't counted. Got rid of all the big ticket items except the rug. Killed two black widows. Sold two of Rachel's old costumes. I am going to go through everything and take things that have gone unsold through three sales to the Salvation Army.

Surprisingly, what sells best is my clothes.

Now, to get cleaned up for band practice. The football game tonight is going to be miserable--It is COLD! Plus we are gonna lose. Even the Californian thinks we're going to eat this one. Too bad it's homecoming.

: More appalling history from Tuchman: "One of those phrases of mysterious power which appear and disappear in hisory, leaving nothing quite the same as before, "continuous voyage" was a concept invented by the British in the course of an eighteenth century war with the French. It meant that the ultimate, not the initial, destination of the goods was the determining factor. Prematurely buried by the Declaration of London before it was quite dead, it was now disinterred like one of Poe's entombed cats with similar capacity for causing trouble."

: Poor Xochitl went up the Chinese elm tree and cried and cried and couldn't get down. I climbed the tree but couldn't get high enough. Eventually I had to get a ladder and go up after her. She was so glad to see me she purred, all the while clinging desperately to me with all claws out. It was a fairly unstable and dangerous thing to do.

I wonder if it is true that the fire department will come rescue kittens from trees?


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