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: A clear, beautiful day. I drove out to Minter Field and Jon Olson took me up in a restored 1946 Piper Cub. We were going to fly over Wasco and photograph the roses, but the weekend storm played havoc with the blooms, so that will have to wait until spring. Instead, we headed over the mountains and buzzed Marlene's ranch.

I showed up wearing jeans and a turtleneck, and Jon though I wouldn't be warm enough, so a WWII veteran lent me his leather aviator's jacket. It was a wonderful ride, and afterwards Jon bought me (and the old veteran) lunch. The airport cafe is called "The Fat and Sassy".

I also got to go into the restoration hanger of the air museum, and to see the plane that Jon is rebuilding. They are made of nylon cloth stretched over wooden ribs, just like model planes are. Think of flying over enemy artillary in one of those babies!

Jon took a picture of me standing by the plane in the leather jacket.

: George Will starts out with a good line this week: "It is arguable, perhaps even probable, that the wold has never known a more dangerous moment. This would be true even if the problem were only the intersection of advanced physics and moral primitivism--the potential acquisition of nuclear weapons by theologically intoxicated people obsessed with suicidal acts of spectacular negation, such as knocking down cities."

Thing is, he's not talking about modern warfare. He's talking about the AIDS epidemic.



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