Jabberwocky for 2002 November 16 (entry 0)

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: I spent most of the day again combing the thrift stores in search of bread baskets for the church Christmas dinner. Yes, I also looked for nativity figurines. Results of today's trek:

19th St. Salvation Army: Baskets, a crystal bowl (25% off!) and a Nauseated Camel.

Humane Society: No baskets or figures, but I found some Christmas fabric to make into napkins to line the bread baskets with.

Chester Ave. Goodwill: Basket. Stripper Shepherd. Disgusted Dog. (I thought it was a sheep at first, but on examination I think it's a little floor mop doggie.)

White Lane Salvation Army: Baskets. Brave Angel of Fire Fighting. (I kid you not. It's holding a placard that says so.)

Hospital Auxiliary: Closed. CLOSED???? On a Saturday?

White Lane Goodwill: One basket. Breast Milk Spurting Mary (I knew she wouldn't be too hard to find.) Terrorist Wise Man. Strangling Shepherd. "I Give Up, You Should Ask Directions Next Time" Wise Man.

The American Way Thrift Store was gone. Not a trace.

So, I have thirteen baskets and need about a dozen more.


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