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: The Dean came to observe me teaching my Eng. 50 class today. My whole lesson was grounded upon the concept that the reader can interpret a piece of literature any way the reader chooses, as long as that interpretation can be supported by a passage in the text. The Dean acted like she agreed. (I hope!) The homework I gave out was to write an obituary for the girl in the story we are reading. I made up a little obituary newspaper with Corel Ventura Publisher and put Alyson's senior picture in for the girl. I figured Alyson would be willing to model for a fake obituary for a literature class.

The computers in the lab today all had gremlins, the older WIN 95 ones, that is. I hate, hate, hate WIN 95.

Also today I began a project of installing chicken wire around strategic garden areas to keep the puppy from digging.

I bought a bright red camelia named 'Colonel Firey' at White Forest Nursery for $4.95. I THINK it's the same one that the neighbor on the corner of Bank and Spruce has-- pure, rich red. Lovely. At any rate, it's close enough to theirs. I put it in the back patio next to the Acer negundo 'Flamingo' because I'm sick and tired of such a dreary back yard and next year we'll have bright red flowers in the winter after the tree sheds its pink leaves.

To bed early, perhaps?


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