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: Visitng with Leonard and Sumana, doing yard and house work, getting ready for Leonard's big blow out on Monday and then to leave for Girls Camp on Tuesday. I can hardly get near the computer and still need to do my syllabi! Always tomorrow I guess.

We went to take care of Raji yesterday and she had (fallen?) out of the kitchen window. Poor thing didn't know what to do, but she came when I called her. I don't think she's ever been outside before. After the Raji trip we noticed neighbor Lurine was out, and asked if the tortoise could come out to play. We lugged him out to Lurine's front lawn and I went in to get him a rose, which he devoured. Then I got him a bunch of squash and squash blossoms. He was in tortoise heaven. I can't WAIT to show him to Atticus!


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