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: Mary Anne and I went to lunch at the Peking Panda. She kept calling it "The Purple Lantern" and I had to keep telling her I've never heard of The Purple Lantern. It sounds like a Woody Allen spoof about a neurotic wimp who is trying to run a Chinese restaurant but hates the food and the decor.

: I spent most of the day getting my planner organized. I lost the calendar in the drive crash and had to do it all over. Likewise my address book, but I didn't finish retyping that yet. I have finally gotten smart and made backup disks.

The sprinkler man said the timer I bought was missing the transformer, so I took it back to Home Depot. Lo and behold, (as I was informed by the customer service clerk) the transformer is built in, and we're going to have to hotwire it. Time to kiss up to Andy Smith again I guess.

: I just looked through the "before" pictures I took of this house. I'd forgotten how much work it was,how horrible it looked when we bought it. The reason I was looking at pictures is to send some of the "befores" of the fireplace to someone who ran into my weblog while trying to find out more about Venetian plaster.


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