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: My employer is on top of things and everything is well under control. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

To: Faculty and Staff From: Linda Quinones-Vaughan

An incident involving the identification of an unknown substance in BC's administration building this morning revealed that the powdery substance found in the women's restroom was toilet paper residue. BC personnel activated the college's emergency response plan and worked hand in hand with emergency management personnel from Bakersfield Fire Department and Kern County Environmental Health. The Bakersfield Fire Department Hazmat team investigated the incident reported originally by a student worker who said that powder fell from a toilet paper dispenser. Testing confirmed there was never any danger to personnel or students.

The safety and well being of students, employees and guests of Bakersfield College is our primary concern. This incident serves as a timely reminder to contact BC's Public Safety Office immediately whenever you have a concern for safety. The Public Safety Office can be reached at extension 4554 (office) and 4555 (emergency).

We extend our thanks to the Bakersfield Fire Department and Kern County Environmental Health professionals who partnered with us to resolve this incident.

: Shannon finally had her baby today. He was 8 pounds 5 ounces and they named him Joel Alan. (I'm not sure if that is the spelling they are using, but it's how the new grandpa spells his name. Thing is, Shaun's father is named Alan too, but I don't know how he spells it.)

: Oh my ribs! The students were talking about when their birthdays were and one of them said he was born on Pi Day, so he always has pie instead of a birthday cake. If I'd only known, I could have put off Rachel for a few more hours and she could have been born on Pi Day too.


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