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: Happy Mothers' Day?

I was ready to spit nails on mothers day. In my sister's ward, a sweet little Patty Perfect talked. One of her quotes was to the effect that "It is the highest calling in the universe to mold another human being." Many of her other quotes were of that ilk. Things like "I will never let my children go astray." ( Does she know Satan thinks that way too?) BTW she had a 5 year old and a 2 year old, and they made the 5 year old give a "talk". That means Dad held the girl up to the mike and the mom whispered in her ear things like "I really love my mommy" which the kid then repeated practically inaudibly. Meanwhile, the two year old was dismanteling the chapel. I sat there snarling and thinking people can't really call themselves a mother at least until they've dealt with snotty preteens.

Also, they sang Love at Home for the opening song, but we were late (due to said sister's above referenced snotty preteens), so we got to miss out on that one.

: Tomorrow, May 15, Planet X is supposed to cross orbits with Earth and cause a "pole shift" and Armageddon.

This site explains the science and debunks the rumors. http://www.planet-x.150m.com/index.html

I'm kind of disappointed. I wanted to believe in Planet X.


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