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: I was heretofore under the delusion that if I spent today running around doing lawyering, I would be all finished. I no longer harbor that fond hope. The notary service took forever. I used a free coupon that came in the mail in a misguided attempt to save ten bucks, and in return had to listen to a sales spiel--our bank is better than your bank; this is a great grocery store with wonderful sales. (Said bank is inside Ralphs-Where-They-Want-Too-Much-For-Groceries.) Then she smeared the imprint of her seal on my deed.

I went to Office Depot to make copies and the copy machine ate the last page of my Advance Directive and also didn't collate and staple, even though I set the controls to do both. Finally I had to just leave the machine jammed (I cleaned out everywhere, but it still wouldn't turn back on) and use a different machine. Without a staple/collate option. So I still have that to do.

Then at the County Recorder (where I missed today's 2:00 cutoff) they gave me the third degree, a lot of tax paperwork to fill out, and complained about the notary seal being smeared. I have to do a bunch of this stuff over, and they aren't open Monday because it's a holiday. So there goes Tuesday.

Eventually, I shall triumph! I have to keep reminding myself that lawyers are $300 an hour, so I am worth that too. Would I pay $3,000 to get all this running around done for me? Not bloody likely.


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