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: The cleaners called me today and told me they need a deposit before they will clean the wedding gown. What? Like I'm not going to come back and get it?

: At Michaels I bought bolts of pastel colored tulle to decorate the white arch. Two of the colors were more expensive because they have shimmers. When the girl rang it up, I pointed out to her that she needed to charge me more for those two. She got an attitude, so I gave up. Ohhhhh weelll, if they are not going to worry about it, I'm not going to shoot myself over it.

: Yay hooray, the wedding sewing is done, done, done! I finished tonight (despite having awful blisters on my fingertips from a glue gun accident while making floral barrettes.) Rachel hates her bridesmaid dress, ha ha. Bridesmaid dresses are SUPPOSED to be ugly. All I have left to do now is the picking up stuff--flats of flowers from the nursery, corsages from the florist, tux from Men's Wearhouse, gown from the cleaners. All the decoration stuff is bought or delegated, except for the nursery flats. I'm having my surgery to put the tube back in tomorrow, so I can relax and try to recover by the wedding next Thursday. Then I have to haul everything I own (practically) over to the house where the reception will be. I can't believe I sewed the whole thing.


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