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: Susie's birthday. I miss my baby.

Tomorrow I am going to start ripping out the vegetable garden, and I'm going to make quarts and quarts of fresh pesto. I had the idea to freeze it in ice cube trays, and then I'll have individual "cubes" which will make just one serving of pasta--for me!!! If others are expected for dinner, I can thaw more cubes.

: I was SOOOO productive today. Taught my class, graded all my papers. Then Marlene and I held a meeting at Los Hermanos trying to organize an adjunct faculty union-- and maybe a strike??? We had a good time meeting the people who came. After that I went to Albertson's and bought a gallon of olive oil, ten heads of garlic, and a couple of pounds of Parmesan cheese for my purported pesto. I picked up Leonard's suit from the dry cleaners and came home and called the pharmacy and made an appointment with a mortgage guy. Now I'm exhausted, and I still need to take Ernestine Boonstoppel to Enrichment Night.


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