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: I was going to make pasta salad using the cherry tomatoes from the plant I was going to rip out today, but I forgot some of the ingredients when I went to the grocery store yesterday. I think instead of ripping out the tomato plant, I will pull some weeds.

Juan is going to seed the yard with winter ryegrass on October 15, so I need to have the vegetable garden all pulled out by then. However, the Amundsens are going to come over Saturday morning and help me. Bless their hearts.

I have to get the Langleys to come for the rosebush and the Welches to come for the wisteria. (All my landscaping mistakes!) I decided where I would move the strawberries.

: Oh, dear. The UPS has delivered 100 daffodil bulbs. I wasn't expecting them for another three weeks, and I'm not quite ready for them. I guess everything else goes on hold while I do the fall yard work!


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