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: On campus the other day, I picked up a flyer. It seems Wesley Crawford is running for California State Assembly. (Wouldn't that be a circus!) The flyer is 95% fragments and 100% bad sentences. I thought we taught him better than that. Wesley, Wesley, Wesley.... where is your sentence combining card?

: I filled the green waste dumpster with tomato plants. A couple more days of hard work and the garden will be gone. Sigh. I wish I could keep it up, but between my illness and Gretel tearing it up as fast as I can plant, it isn't getting done.

I moved the blueberries, and will move the strawberries, to the side of the house by the street. If neighborhood children eat some, oh well.

The household waste dumpster is filled with black weedblock fabric which I took up from in front. It's time to plant ground cover around the stepping stones.


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