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: It's done. I ended up voting for the Native American guy. I thought he was a good compromise; he's running as a Democrat but not a partyliner. He's a serious candidate and seems like a reasonable human being. I'm glad it's over.

: Drat. One of my gold earrings is lost. I've had those earrings since forever; they were my first pair. I don't even know if I can get another like them.

They were in a little soapdish on my bathroom counter. I don't know how it got out or where it went. *I* didn't spill it!

: I am very in touch with the dingbat side of my brain. I went out and bought Marines stickers for a scrapbook page of Mario and Katiah's boot camp graduation. They were in the Navy, weren't they?

I think the scrapbook store will take this stuff back. I hope.


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