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: The Ho sisters. Patricia and Pauline. They were brilliant. Patricia was in my graduating class in high school, and I knew her best because she was in the band with me. What did she play? I seem to recall clarinet. Pauline was a couple of years younger and in the orchestra; my brother Leonard knew her better than I did. He went to the --was it the Prom?-- with her.

They had this huge Chinese family with a traditional grandmother and everything. Leonard was invited once to their home for Chinese New Year.

After graduation, Patricia went to Stanford, where I saw her in a student production of Dvorak's "Rusalka" our junior year. That was the last time I saw her because she never came to class reunions or to the big party I had at Christmas in 1975.

I'm sure that wherever the Ho sisters are, they are successful, and I hope their lives are full and happy.

: I dreamed I was singing in church and all the women's voices dropped out --except mine-- on the third line of the hymn, every verse. I tried really hard to stay on key alone against the bass line all the way through the hymn. I did the best I could. At the end,I looked down at the hymnbook and saw that I had rests in those measures. The notes for a soprano part were sloppily pencilled in. This dream may be rooted in my feelings about going to church alone and living alone, or it may just be an overreaction to sitting there with Rachel and her not singing last Sunday. Or?????


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