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: Fall is here. I can tell because the little Xochitlcoatl rat-kitty is sleeping under the covers again.

Gretel is scratching scratching scratching. It was so bad last night I had to put her outside because she was keeping me awake. I've made an appointment for her at the vet. I don't think it's fleas because she takes her Program and I can't find anything on her skin. Watching her scratch makes me itch too.

: So the Chinese have sent a takionaut into space. I wonder if it has even occurred to them how anticlimatic that is?

: Robert Gomez was here and quoted a bid in a horrifying amount for the fall landscape cleanup--plus a couple of extra things like mending a sprinkler pipe and fixing the front gate. Gaaaahhh. If I just felt better I could do these things myself. Oh well, I guess it has to be done, and Robert's guys do a nice job.

I didn't mention to him about planting daffodils. Trust only goes so far, and it stops when it comes to flowerbeds I think.


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