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: Gretel is getting out more and more. Today while I was asleep a neighbor brought her home. She has apparently figured out how to open the broken gate. Robert Gomez has gone out of town until Monday or Tuesday. I hope he fixes the gate soon. I don't know how much more of this my heart can take.

Leonard and Sumana are here and we are having a nice visit. Today we went to two pet stores and an antique store, and tonight we are going to see Richard III at the college. The homemade lentil soup was a hit. I froze a lot of portions for the future.

: Been thinking about beans, ever since Alyson cooked them. Plus the ward chili cookoff is coming up. I've never had beans turn out in the crock pot, and I always thought it was just because I used beans from food storage that were probably too old. Or, I had heard if you put salt in them it makes them tough. So when I made this lentil soup I bought a brand new package of lentils and put no salt. After FOREVER in the crock pot they were still crunchy. Bleah. Well, it was dinner time, so I took a portion and boiled them on the stove and they turned out fine. I left the rest cooking in the crock pot over night and in the morning--crunchy. I put them on the stove in a pot and they cooked right up. So. Looks like beans have to be boiled. Whoda thunk?


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