Jabberwocky for 2003 October 21 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (6) : We're stylin' here! Starting with this entry, people can make comments on the content of this weblog-- and the mentality of the author--simply by clicking on the blue triangle. Way to dialogue, Leonard!

I hate it when people use "dialogue" as a verb like that.

Here are some other words I hate: foundational, collegiality, outcomes.


Posted by Brendan Adkins at Tue Oct 21 2003 15:14

I hate "incessantly" and "slumber," but I'm afraid I don't have the same kind of justification you (presumably) do.

Posted by Frances Whitney at Tue Oct 21 2003 16:02

No justification--just that I think people should "verb nouns" as William Safire said. Slumber... that's a nasty one. I was at a funeral home once where the viewing rooms were labeled "Slumber Room #1", "Slumber Room #2". Yeech.

Posted by Frances Whitney at Tue Oct 21 2003 16:04

Oops I mean NOT verb nouns.

Posted by your daughter, whose name is not Gretel at Tue Oct 21 2003 18:29

I'm assuming the mentality comment was addressed at me. It's your fault, you know, all that emphasis on education, and now I've gone insane! :p

This commenting thing is soo much fun, though!

Posted by Alyson Matkin at Wed Oct 22 2003 09:19

I am so far removed from grammatically minded days that I fear I offend my venerable Aunt Frances everytime I open my virtual mouth.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Oct 24 2003 07:38

I just checked the definition of "venerable" to make sure I had used it correctly in my post, and I am embarrassed to say I used it incorrectly. I did not mean to say you have the wisdom of age. Open mouth, insert foot. It's like the time a counselor from the Relief Society came to my home with a plate of cookies, apologizing that she had tried a new recipe, and she didn't know whether they would be good or not. I assured her that they must be good, because I could tell her husband is very well fed. Thankfully, her husband is trim and she is not one to be easily offended. And she accepted my apologies. Add venerable to that list of troublesome words.

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