Jabberwocky for 2003 October 31 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (5) : My boy is going to Arkansas to work on the Clark presidential campaign. I'm so proud of him--and thrilled and happy. I betcha my brother, his Uncle Leonard, aka "Mr. Democrat", is bustin his buttons about now.

I do have some friends who are Republicans, and I have miffed them already. Geez, the first miffs of the 2004 Presidential race!


Posted by Kristen at Fri Oct 31 2003 13:20

You have more than friends that are Republican! Try almost all extended family. Are there any other relatives that are democrats beside the Frances Whitney family and Uncle Leonard?

Posted by Alyson at Fri Oct 31 2003 15:26

Hmmmmmm. Have to think.

Posted by Frances Whitney at Fri Oct 31 2003 17:03

Uh.... only the reasonable ones! Like great-grandpa the Judge, and Grandpa the Gray Panther, and Aunt Barbara who always votes for the maverick. I think Aunt Jeuney often voted Democrat (to the despair of my parents!)

My dear Kristen, it appears you need some indoctrination.

Posted by Rachel at Sat Nov 01 2003 16:34

*waves* Me, me! My mommy raised me well!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Nov 03 2003 14:25

Sheesh Frances, let's not get personal. ;) Yes Rachel, I can tell you are too...you don't hide the fact on you weblog.

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