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[Comments] (6) : A side effect of the grocery workers' strike is that I have to actually plan. It's out of my way to go to Green Frog Market, so I have to arrange my schedule to go, keep a list for when I do go, and all that efficient stuff. I'm not sure that I'll go back to the chain stores once the strike is over. At Green Frog Market, one pays top dollar for the meat, but it is unbelievable quality and hardly any fat at all. I wonder how it would work out, price per edible ounce cooked, if one were to compare? I'm beginning to be convinced that in buying cheap meat one pays for more than a fair share of fat.

Besides, as Sumana says, how can anyone object to a market called Green Frog?

Froggy went a'courting and he did ride uh huh.


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