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[Comments] (1) : My car wouldn't start. I called the AAA for a jump and then took it to a repair place and begged, "Pleasepleaseplease can you install a new battery right nownownow?" They did, and I thought that was so sweet of them. They said the old battery was not only five years old, it was the wrong size for the car. I'm glad it didn't go out on the trilobite hunt!

Gretel was very concerned about the way the tow truck driver was messing with the car. She is very protective of the car, and she didn't like to see a stranger opening it up and doing strange things to it.

[Comments] (1) : I had a "discussion" with the cashier at the AAA office. I asked for a Los Angeles street map (for Rachel) and she said, "What city?" It really irritates me when people around here act like such provincials. They think everything south of the Grapevine is LA. I repeated that I wanted a map of Los Angeles. Sheesh. If I wanted Irvine or Encino I'd have asked for it.


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