Jabberwocky for 2003 November 22 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) : I drove to Los Angeles to attend the sealing in the temple of my friends Cindy and Aaron Hubble. It was insane. There were a gazillion weddings going on, limos, stretch hummers, people taking pictures, and adding to the madness, a very big crowd of people from the singles ward were putting up Christmas lights. They were in lines of five people, each with a pole, stringing lights high into the trees. I wonder how they will get them down. They also had some of the biggest, tallest ladders I have ever seen, and lots of coolers full of stuff to drink.

Afterward I took Rachel to lunch at Earth, Wind, and Flour and we talked about politics and world affairs. She took home a lot of leftover food.

There is a frost advisory out for tonight. Goodbye, brugmansia (for the rest of the year.) The Sunset book says, "Expect unattractive winter appearance." Their evaluation is correct, Captain. The radio meteorologist said it is going to be fifteen degrees in Frazier Park. I believe it. I had to stand out in it at the rest area, throwing up into a trash can and I think I will never be warm again. I have my nightgown in the dryer, however.

When I was a kid and we were sick, or cold, my mother used to warm up a blanket in the dryer and wrap us in it. She had a quilted satin bed jacket (made by her Aunt Clarice, I believe,) which she always heated and wrapped around our frozen feet. I want my mommy!


Posted by Sumana at Sun Nov 23 2003 19:30

I hope you're feeling well now, Frances.

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