Jabberwocky for 2003 November 23 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (6) : Do I want to go to work tomorrow and spend eight hours grading writing profficiencies? Sure! I'm also looking forward to a nice cozy weekend getaway at the Bates Motel.


Posted by Alyson at Sun Nov 23 2003 17:46

For Thanksgiving weekend, I presume. Is someone going to make you a feast?

Posted by Frances at Sun Nov 23 2003 20:21

No, Alyson, the Bates Motel is the motel in the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Psycho.

Posted by Nancy at Mon Nov 24 2003 12:48

ohhh too funny. I am rolling on the floor. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Frances! and hi to Susie and Rachel and Leonard too. Bates Motel.ha ha ha I look forward to reading everyday... hearts to you.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Nov 24 2003 12:55

I have been known to be culturally illiterate from time to time.

Posted by John at Mon Nov 24 2003 13:36

After I saw that movie I showered with the bathroom door open for a week just to be safe. Good thing I married a scardy-cat such as myself--we just completely stay away from that genre now.

Posted by Frances Whitney at Mon Nov 24 2003 21:18

I guess you don't want me to save some writing proficiencies for you to grade then, huh John? They are really scary.

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