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: Leonardw wanted me to make some of Mom's recipes for Thankgiving. I made a commitment to make consomme madrilene, red cinnamon apples, and the dinner rolls. I thought I had the consomme recipe, but no. I had to fake it, but it turned out pretty good. I'm going to carry it to SF in an ice chest. I also made some vegetarian consomme for Sumana's consumption--the recipe was on the Net. It was expensive to make because of all the fresh herbs and the leeks.

I know I don't have the cinnamon apple recipe either, but I'm sure I can fake it too. I may have bought too many apples, and Xochitl found them in the grocery sack on the kitchen table and rolled a few of them down the hall, so they might be bruised. Therefore, I guess it's lucky I got a lot of them!

The crescent rolls, I feel confident about. I need to remember to take my rotary cutting mat to SF. It's what I use when I cut out rolls, cookies, pie crust...

I was kind of hoping to make a pecan pie, but Leonardw is making desserts from Martha Stewart. I'll have to make pecan pie for Christmas. I haven't made one since the time I used nuts from a pecan tree I planted when we lived out at Comanche Point.

In other news, everyone in my Tuesday/Thursday class passed their writing proficiency except for the boy who didn't show up to take it. We are not going to discuss my Monday/Wednesday class.


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