Jabberwocky for 2003 November 5 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (5) : Sigh. My weblog is forty-second in a Google search for "Jabberwocky." I feel like a second class citizen.


Posted by Sumana at Wed Nov 05 2003 16:00

Worry not! You are first for "Frances Whitney" and for jabberwocky bakersfield. Also, you could change your weblog's name to something more unique, such as "Frances's House of Jabber and Wock."

Posted by Rachel at Wed Nov 05 2003 16:26

you're 37 on a yahoo search! Hey, Mom, feel better. We can't all be literary geniuses. Some of us have to result to pop culture for our inspiration, or just plain randomness . To tell truth, it's rather suprising my weblog name isn't something more random. I have been in one of my rare less-random moods.

Posted by Susie at Wed Nov 05 2003 17:03

You're first in my book!

Posted by Alyson at Sun Nov 09 2003 14:42

Hey--you've been promoted! Now you are number 41!!

Posted by David Matkin at Sat Nov 15 2003 20:35

Your up to 40 now!


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