Jabberwocky for 2003 February 22 (entry 0)

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: The Franklin Covey catalog sez that only 43% of employees say their organization clearly communicates its goals. I believe this number would shrink considerably if it were to take into account that the goal clearly communicated is often not the real goal. Lurking beneath, the real agenda is not even implied.

I don't think I've ever worked anywhere where the stated goals matched seamlessly with "What Matters Most." For example, the college where I teach has had weeks of breast-and-bush-beating meetings, emails and hysteria over the pending budget cuts. Everybody knows that the administration has already decided what to do--and by law, they have to give us all the shaft by March 15-- but administration wants to pretend that we the people have some input. In reality, they are playing a huge game with employees as pawns.

No ownership of the vision and mission statement around here.

They do have plexiglass framed mission statements nailed to every wall--as if anyone would steal them. flibithtth


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