Jabberwocky for 2003 April

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: Blah. I owe the IRS money. Lots of money.

It's the fault of the State of California. The tax man says the State of California deserves the reputation that the IRS has.

: After placement essay grading (and nap) I went to Beverly's and got a yard of remnant lace to make Susanna's temple envelope. I also goe some suspender clips because I read somewhere (Heloise, I think) that one can sew them into the corners of one's duvet cover to keep the comforter from shifting around.

My sewing area is now set up, and I mended the duvet and applied the suspender clips. I also got out some sewing to get started on. One thing I really really need to finish is Aunt Jeuney's birthday quilt.

: I went to Los Angeles and Rachel and I went to lunch at Canter's. On the way downtown we hit an estate sale that was just full of fascinating stuff (didn't buy anything, but boy was it random) and we took a tour of Angelino Heights. Rachel of course didn't remember Angelino Heights, but I'm sure she will now.

Saw the place on Temple Street where we left the *&&^%##%^&* Pontiac the day we took the bus home and never saw it again.

We visited Michael Levine and scouted out fabrics for the wedding. I bought the horsehair braid for the hem of Susie's dress. We are voting for the silk duiponi for the bridesmaids.

: Spring has sprung. The pussy willows have happened. A failproof sign is the appearance of the La Rosa man, like the fabled goat-footed balloon man, whistling far and wee.

Yesterday in downtown Los Angeles we saw a La Rosa man (*not genuine "La Rosa" brand *your results may vary) giving a popsicle to a homeless man. The poignancy of the scene was increased by our knowledge (assumption, inference) that the paletero is, himself, probably two centavos away from being a homeless man.

: I think I've figured out howcome the Daylight Savings switch in the spring is so traumatic. I've always argued that if "they" are going to take away a hour, why take it out of a Sunday morning in April. Why not deduct it from a gloomy February Thursday afternoon?

That isn't the worst of it, folks. The reason we become so disconcerted is we spend all day Sunday looking at the clock and saying I can't believe it's this late! Every time we chance upon a clock, we [psychologically] lose the hour all over again, so by the time Sunday is over we are scarred. Then we wake up late Monday morning and go through Monday in the same way, losing hour after hour. Never mind the fact that the whole time package is a convention of convenience.

: Shannon brought little baby Joel over and I spent the afternoon with him--when I could get him away from Grandpa, who positively hogged him. Rosalie was afraid to hold him much as she has a cough. He's one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.

: I smell a collectable. The news is out that The Government has issued decks of playing cards featuring the pictures of the 55 most wanted Iraqi villians. Guess Who is the Ace of Spades. I'm currently taking bets on how long until these cards hit ebay.

: Sewed some. Got car fixed. Had to buy new steam iron. Killed multitude of snails. It's freezing here.

: I spent a lot of time today in a futile search for the buttonhole spacer. No luck.

: I do have tencountemten! cones of black thread, still in their original shrink wrap. This figure does not include the five partially used cones of black thread.

: So. I didn't go to the temple today, but sent my cards with the bishop. I wasn't feeling up to it. Slept until 10:30 a.m. and am now going to cut out a temple dress. I need to mop the kitchen floor before I start sewing it because it's white and all.

I'm wondering how big a chance of rain is "a chance of showers."

: F&M Fabrics has a huge wooden bin, similar to those used to carry fruit from the field to the packing shed, full of loose buttons at ten for a dollar. I searched The Whole Thing today to find buttons for Susanna's wedding gown. While I was looking, a mamacita, abuela, and three little boys joined me. They weren't having much luck finding the color button they wanted, but they helped me find handfuls of mine. One little boy started collecting smileyface buttons and another was gathering baseballs. The mom told them that if they could find a whole set of buttons they liked, she would change a shirt over for them. It was a friendly experience.

: Larry Mercer died today. I'm feeling sad in a strange kind of way. There is an understanding between people facing terminal illness that is different from any other type of friendship.

: Sunday evening I went cozily off to bed, secure in the knowledge that the Giants were way ahead. Monday morning I looked in the newspaper to find they had lost the game. They say "a watched pot never boils", but look at the hazards of not watching!

: Happy birthday to me! I've received several email greetings and a singing telephone call. (from Helen Henton)

: While Gretel and I were walking down Third Street this evening, I discovered that what I had heretofore thought was a viburnum is actually an elephant. Such are the deceptive ways of preconceived ideas.

It's blooming now, so the elephant's head and back are frosted with foamy white flowers.

: Exhaustion. It was a big weekend, with the kids home, Larry Mercer's funeral, Susie's trip to the temple and bridal shower, weddingprepweddingprep. Plus the end of the semester. I stayed up late Sunday night grading papers. There is still so much to do.

Jabberwocky for 2003 April

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