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: Out and about. I went to Target to get baby shower presents. I also got a Lego set for Joel--something they didn't have when my kids were little. The bricks are huge. It's rated for babies 9 months and up, and has shape sorting holes in the bucket lid.

I went to Home Depot, where I participated in the new system where you "save time" by scanning your purchases. It took approximately 400% longer than having it done by a ten-fingered clerk. I had seen the article about Home Depot's new system in this morning's paper, and I figured, naaaahhh, this will never come to Bakersfield.

I also went to Vons and stocked up on groceries. There was terrible, awful, miserable road construction on Stockdale Highway and the intersection with Rio Bravo was actually blocked off. I'll have to remember that when I go to the baby shower tomorrow night.


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