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: I forgot to mention that we also went to Washington DC in 1987. How can someone "forget" the trip of a lifetime? It just illustrates the number of holes in my brain.

: I am soooo tired of public radio's membership drive committee trying to make me feel guilty. Ok, sure I listen to NPR. I would even be happy to provide an annual stipend to NPR except that sad experience has shown that when one donates, that is just the prelude. They pay you back by putting you on every junk mail list on earth, and calling on the phone too. Then pretty soon you are hearing from public television...

: My (mother's) Uncle David used to have a chocolate factory. They dipped them all by hand. The candy making rooms in the basement were really intriguing--especially the smells of melting chocolate and roasting almonds. The ladies who worked there stirred the good stuff in huge cauldrons.

Once I asked him for some recipes. "Uncle David," I said, "you're getting older and I'd hate to have your candy recipes lost to the family. I promise cross my heart not to go into a competing business if you write them down for me."

"Flibbiththth!" said he. "There are no secret recipes. I just use high quality ingredients and don't ruin them."


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