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: This gubernatorial recall election has me going around and around. Every day it's more tangled. Today's headline was that Bill Simon has endorsed Arnold. Well. Bill Simon is the reason I voted for Gray Davis in the first place, as Davis appeared to be the lesser evil. I was not happy about that choice at the time and I'm still pretty steamed; otherwise, I would have never signed the recall petition. Therefore, if Bill is taking Arnold's side, then I suppose I can't.

They had the debates on a tiny little portable television in the Family History Center on Wednesday night. I can't say I listened very closely; I certainly wasn't huddled around the screen with the family history director, but I came to the conclusion that I can't listen to Huffington for several more years. She certainly writes better than she speaks--or does she do her own writing? I'm suspicious now.

The only one who I thought acquitted himself well was Peter Camejo, the Green Party Candidate. I suppose I'll have to become a Socialist and support him.


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